Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Things

1. So remember that post where I told you all about how I got Bella fixed? And remember how I said I did it so that I did not have to deal with having a dog in heat? If not you can read about that here. Well a crazy, bizarre event happened where she got her first heat anyways. Woah now you're saying, when you get a dog fixed doesn't the vet remove the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes? How is it possible that with out all of that equipment, she could be going through heat. The answer is simple. I have no idea. It should not be possible. But it happened, she had all of the symptoms. Including a myriad of male dogs waiting for her night and day outside of my house. Supposedly she cannot get pregnant, but this does not mean I wanted her to be accosted by male dogs at every moment of every day. So she stayed inside until her symptoms subsided. The only explanation I can think of is that she must have been weeks away from her first heat when I got her fixed, and the surgery confused her body so it just decided to go ahead as planned. I just hope that this is a one time event. Fingers crossed. 

2. My host mom, Melida, sent my host dad, Orlando, to town the other day with a grocery list. Melida needed Orlando to buy the ingredients to make pizza, as she had agreed to show another family near by how to make it. There are two hilarious parts to this story. The first being that on the list Melida put down that she wanted 'salsa', which is a word that is used for everything and anything that is sauce related. She expected him to come back with a pasta sauce, so imagine her surprise when he came home with a two pound bag of ketchup. *palm to forehead* This is not the first time Melida has made pizza, so Orlando should have known that ketchup was not the correct kind of 'salsa'. The situation was eventually remedied, thank goodness.

The other great part of that story is that on the piece of paper Melida gave Orlando she wrote two lists. The first list was the things she needed for pizza. The second list was titled 'Other things I need'. Under that heading it listed: 5 big kisses, two secrete glances and 10 cuddles. Adorable right? Orlando was Melida's only serious boyfriend and they wrote to each other when Orlando was living in the States. He left the US to come back and marry her. They have been married about 14 years and have 4 daughters. So where is the hilarious part? He asked one of their daughters, in all seriousness, where he could buy the items listed on the second list. I can just imagine him trying to go to the market and asking all of the stands where he could buy 5 big kisses. Thankfully he read the list before he left for town.

Happy Veteran's Day everyone!

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